About Natalie Grand

“Natalie Grand is an open book. Read between the lines of her work, and you’ll find passion, perseverance, and tenacity. The Natalie Grand people know today is the result of years of self development and hard work to overcome a history of negativity and oppression. Even though she was raised as a fourth-generation cult member with heavy parental guidance, taught against education, individuality, and women empowerment, Natalie Grand took it upon herself to defy all odds and create a better life for herself and her children.
Natalie Grand succeeded, and today, she’s proud to share her lessons learned and wise words of encouragement with women in pursuit of happiness. As a lifelong learner, Natalie remains passionate about unveiling cults and world cultures, while fueling her passion for travel and education. READ MORE


"Jehovah's Witness cult - or any cult for that matter. A book of this nature is accessible, eYou might think Cult Girls would have a rather limited readership (ex-Jehovah's Witnesses) but I, who never bothered to learn anything about those strange people who rang my doorbell with "good news" loved it. Jehovah's Witnesses aside, this beautifully illustrated graphic novel pertains to any cult. Nicely and clearly written, it's a good harrowing story."

Trina Robbins 2022


Cult Girls won the Pencraft 1st Place Gold Award in 2022.

“Cult Girls has taken unmatched courage and determination to write so openly about life as Jehovah’s Witness. Repercussions for speaking out against the church are real and the author clearly understands the impact her work will have on both members and those who may be recruited. Her story is a poignant one told in the form of a graphic novel and based on a true story.” Literary Titan 2023, Won the 1st Place Gold Award with Literary Titan 2023

“I loved what the author was trying to do with this book. I am personally no fan of the Jehovah’s Witness cult… Fantastic to see an author trying to warn people about cults. And not in a dull way! Fun, colourful, sexy – a very difficult approach to a difficult subject.” The Wishing Shelf Book Awards 2022

Cults Girls won the 1st Place Gold Bookfest Award in 2022.

“Cult Girls has an educational backdrop of the harsh treatment that these peculiar individuals knocking on your door don’t want you to know. It lightly touches on their shunning policies, lack of acknowledgment of modern medicine, and training its members to be martyrs that sacrifice their families, as well as an aversion to education and political processes. The healing journey is the discovery that there is hope for a better world, by realizing with their feminine energy they can make a change for the better in each a unique way.” -MainCrest Media 2023, Cult Girls won the 1st Place Gold Award with Maincrest for 2023

Cult Girls won the 2023 Next Generation Indie Award

“Natalie’s “Cult Girls” introduces a sassy and colorful cast of characters interwoven with a classic collection of these triggering JW phrases like “announced”, “marked”, “the current magazines”, “two witnesses”, “stumbled”, “privileges”, “worldly men”, “earthly hope”, “treacherous heart”, “part on the assembly”, “witness to him”, “good standing”, “scripturally free”, “local needs”, “publisher card”, “loose conduct”, and many more.. These expressions are like a fingerprint that identifies the author as a genuine ex-cult member who lived and breathed life as a Jehovah’s Witness, with all the restrictions and repressions. Natalie gives the world snippets of what it’s like to be a female JW in a religion controlled entirely by men…. but Natalie has brought the world the first beautifully illustrated graphic novel. It’s a must-have!” -Mark J. O’Donnell, Former Jehovah’s Witness, journalist & Activist, he has been featured on The Crusades – Season 1 on Prime Video, a Jehovah’s Witness documentary.