5 Time Gold Award Winning Author


Natalie Grand is an open book. Read between the lines of her work, and you’ll find passion, perseverance, and tenacity. The Natalie Grand people know today is the result of years of self development and hard work to overcome a history of negativity and oppression. Even though she was raised as a fourth-generation cult member with heavy parental guidance, taught against education, individuality, and women empowerment, Natalie Grand took it upon herself to defy all odds and create a better life for herself and her children.

Natalie Grand succeeded, and today, she’s proud to share her lessons learned and wise words of encouragement with women in pursuit of happiness. As a lifelong learner, Natalie remains passionate about unveiling cults and world cultures, while fueling her passion for travel and education.

Natalie Grand is a headstrong anti-cult activist with deep empathy for suppressed and abused women – and it shows through her creative writing. She is on a mission to inspire and break the mold by making light of dark situations, using comedy to break the ice and help women heal.

Natalie Grand hopes to show her readers and audiences that there is always light in the darkness, and it is possible for anyone to create their own story after surviving a traumatic experience. Natalie Grand wants to cut through the fear of oppression and empower women to be the creators of their own futures.

Apart from writing her graphic novel, Natalie Grand has founded multiple businesses in male dominated industries. She completed her Bachelor’s Degree and is launching a nonprofit company too. Natalie Grand and her husband are both passionate about comic books and the graphic novel industry, meaning they never miss a local Comic-Con event.

Natalie Grand believes that it’s never too late to heal wounds of abuse – all it takes is the courage to acknowledge you need to make a change.